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Biotoilet (bio toilet) - it is a necessary device for modern man to live comfortably in any conditions. Increasingly, people buy this product for hiking , for private homes and suburban areas , because apart from the fact that they are easy to use , hygienic toilets maintain cleanliness in the room. That is why we have set up shop for you , in which there is a sale of composting toilets , composting toilets rental and maintenance of composting toilets . We have you at any time will be able to choose and buy the best quality and multifunctional biotoilet at low prices.
Our shop has been around for more than 10 years, during this period, we have carefully studied the basic needs of their customers , as well as take into account all wishes for popular models of composting toilets . Consequently, we can book you toilets from trusted manufacturers . Well, if you want to save the family budget and buy cheap composting toilet , make sure you check out the shares in it you will find models at discounted prices.
In our catalog you will find four sections that we offer not only buy cheap toilets , but for them to acquire specialized tools ( reagents , powders ) . We also provide rental and maintenance of street composting toilets at competitive prices , in almost all cities of Ukraine.
Portable toilets
Here you will see the popular models from trusted companies and Thetford Ukrplast such as Porta Potti, as well as one of the best sellers - biotoilet peat . These mini - composting toilets are ideal for hiking, for hospitals or apartments ( for example, if the house has in-patient ) .
Main characteristics of portable chemical toilets :
· A convenient small size ;
· Easy to transport ;
· Safety for human health and the environment;
· Use at least a week without the need to clean the bottom of the tank ( for one person ) .
Thanks to its compact dimensions of portable chemical toilets and low weight they are transported without any problems and do not take up much space in your luggage or indoors . Also, our customers are very pleased with the quality of small composting toilets , they are made of lightweight, but at the same time, high-impact plastic and thus they bear the weight of up to 250kg .
Well, if you are interested in , as far as the dry closet , everything depends on the engine capacity of the lower tank, which varies between 12-21 liters per person that will be enough for more than a week . But the most important thing is that this model is not only convenient, but also durable - mini biotoilet last you at least 10 years.
outdoor toilets
If you are interested in buying or renting biotoilet street , the site you are sure to find a suitable model . We offer fully equipped cabins and empty , under which you will be able to choose a favorite toilet.
These cabins are often bought for suburban areas , outdoor cafes and restaurants , as well as on construction sites.
If you are interested in renting the cabin , we offer rental biotoilet in Kharkov , because our office is located in this city , but residents of other cities in Ukraine can use the service. In other cities we deliver toilets using New Mail or Night Express . The rental will be profitable for you to do if you need a composting toilet for the following purposes :
1. Public events ( concerts, corporate events, outings with the company );
2 . If you are the owner of the private seasonal business (for example, you need only biotoilet summer) ;
3 . If your private home has not had a communication;
4 . For the convenience of working at construction sites , which will be completed for non-durable time.
We understand that we can not anticipate all the situations where you have a need to rent composting toilets, so we offer you two types of lease - short and long term . Also, thanks to a short-term contract , you can learn all the benefits of plastic toilet cubicle , if still in doubt whether to buy .
Well, to your cabin biotualetnaya always meet sanitary standards , was clean and do not cause harm, we offer you another service - the service of composting toilets . Our experts will clean the cabin and special means toilet, fill tanks reagents , ensure the availability of toilet paper. With this service you do not need to be distracted by unnecessary small business.
If you're already a happy owner of dry closet , then you know that behind it needs special care . On our website we offer to buy tools for cleaning and refilling of composting toilets . With them you can easily clean the toilet , eliminate odors and keep hygienically clean it . These tools are proven in the market reagents, but besides the quality of the goods offered , we also care about its price , which is why you can get from us for dry closets chemistry without compromising the budget.
The site has everything you need for comfort of modern man !